How to make an elegant and comfortable terrace

How to make an elegant and comfortable terrace

The existence of the porch is sometimes often overlooked by the occupants of the house even though the porch is the display shown before entering the inside of the house and there are times when we need a terrace to do activities such as releasing fatigue before entering the house, seeing the scenery around the house and can also be used as a place to relax while drinking a cup of coffee and reading a newspaper.

 Besides that, the terrace of the house can also be used as a place to receive formal guests, especially for those who have houses with less extensive land. The following are some tips to make the terrace feel comfortable.

1. Choosing Simple Furniture

Choosing the right furniture that is choosing furniture with a simple form will be more suitable to be placed on the porch of the house because if you use furniture with intricate patterns and ornamentation it will make it less optimal and seem excessive for just the terrace of the house. We recommend using only two or three chairs and one table, because if you use so many tables or chairs make the terrace look messy and even narrower. Then also choose an appropriate chair table size, which uses a table and chairs that are not too large.

2. Choosing Furniture That Is Weather Resistant

Changes in weather and temperature outside the home can cause furniture outside the house vulnerable to damage. Use furniture made from high quality wood, because wood has a sturdy material and is proven sturdy. But if you think that using furniture from high quality wood is very expensive, just use furniture with a strong plastic base to deal with the weather. With furniture colors that resemble wood.

3. Beautify the terrace with decoration

Beautifying the appearance of the porch does not have to use fancy and expensive decoration because it makes irresponsible people interested in taking it. Use simple decorations that are useful to decorate the terrace of the house such as tablecloths, with small pots and flower decorations, chair cushions with simple patterned covers and ornamental plants around the porch.