5 Most Effective Ways to Repair Leaking Metal Tiles

5 Most Effective Ways to Repair Leaking Metal Tiles

Tile is one of the most important parts as a roof covering, besides that it can protect homeowners from the hot sun and cold rain. However, what happens if the roof cover has a hole? Of course, it will interfere with the owner’s activities so that it makes the atmosphere uncomfortable because there are many buckets in every corner of the house.

Even though the use of metal roof tiles can be the most effective solution. Because apart from being shatterproof, metal roof tiles have high durability, do not burden the roof structure, so they are easy to install and can be used for decades. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t leak if you check your roof regularly.

So, never underestimate when the roof starts to leak because it will be very annoying if not treated immediately. You can call metal roofing contractors Oshkosh WI to get the best roofing service. Here are 5 effective ways to repair a leaky roof:

Find the source of the leak

Check the source of the water first, if your house uses a ceiling, go up to make sure which part is damaged or has holes.

Use Water Proofing

Do you know what the function of waterproofing is? Waterproofing is useful for patching leaks that occur on the roof of the house so that there are no more problems. The leaky roof can be patched with waterproofing because this paint contains a water-repellent liquid so it doesn’t seep easily.

Pay attention to the slope of the roof

The roof of the house is usually designed sloping so that the flow of rainwater can go down smoothly. However, if the roof of your house is slightly sloping and flat, then it can cause roof leaks because the rainwater slows down. Pay attention to the slope of the roof which usually ranges from 30-40 degrees.

Fix Sliding Tiles

Accidentally, the sagging roof of the house can occur due to strong winds. There is nothing wrong with you needing to check regularly so that cases like this are handled immediately.

Replace Cracked or Destroyed Tiles

If you often go to the roof of the house, sometimes you accidentally step on the tile which can cause cracks. It is also possible that weathering can occur due to age, causing the tile to crack or crumble.

If there is damage, immediately replace the tile using metal tile. Easy installation can minimize all possibilities that occur, such as anti-break when stepped on and durable for decades. In fact, Metal Tile is also leak-proof safe because it has a profile with a larger basin so that it can hold more water.

Those are some ways to fix leaks on metal roof tiles. In addition to routinely checking the roof every 1-2 months, choosing the type of tile is also a solution that must be considered carefully. Hopefully, this article can be useful!