Tips for Buying a New Home so as not to Regret

Tips for Buying a New Home so as not to Regret

The survey process is very important when you want to buy a new home so that you are not cheated by bad people who want to benefit from buying a home. Given that a house is an investment instrument that has a high selling price, you need to observe all aspects related to home purchases in detail.
If you plan to buy a house in the near future, you should pay attention to the seven tips below so that the house is profitable, both as residential and long-term investment.

1. Pay attention to the location of the building

Houses located in strategic locations are usually priced at high selling prices. The advantage is that this house develops faster because it has easy access, such as close to office centers, banking, hospitals and shopping.
Perform a direct survey to review the location of the building, whether it is in accordance with the description submitted or not. In essence, choose a location according to your current needs.
If you plan to open a small business around a residential location, a house located on the roadside is the right choice.

2. Pay attention to clarification of land and buildings

Land and buildings are divided into four categories that are tailored to their respective objectives, namely commercial, industrial, housing and agriculture. Choosing the right land and building will make it easier for you to move.
Buy land and buildings equipped with legal certificates. If one day there is a land dispute problem, you have strong evidence that the land and the building have become private property. As a result, ownership of land and buildings is not contested by the authorities.

3. Pay attention to the appropriateness of the contents of the house

Houses built in residential areas or complexes are usually equipped with complete furniture, such as furniture, kitchen equipment, internet networks, and others.
If the furniture provided is complete, the price of the house becomes more expensive. Unfortunately, furniture that is provided by developers sometimes does not match the needs and qualities expected by consumers.
It would be nice if you buy an empty house without any furniture, so that the furniture purchased is not redundant but according to your needs.

4. Pay attention to environmental safety conditions

Houses located in the complex area have a high level of security because the main entrance gate is guarded by security guards for 24 hours. Not only that, the complex is also equipped with surveillance cameras (CCTV) to monitor the traffic of residents in a residential complex.
If the house you want to buy is outside a housing complex, you should have a night watch or patrol system to monitor local security. Thus, residents’ houses are safe from the possibility of theft.

5. Notice how passive income will be received

If the house purchased is wanted to be rented, choose a house that is in the most strategic location in the city. Because tenants in strategic locations are quite attractive to tenants because road access is easier to reach.
Don’t forget to take into account rental costs to tenants. Adjust the rental price with the location and facilities obtained to reach an agreement.
One more thing, make an agreement regarding the cost of future damage. Whether you as the owner will be fully responsible for the damage to the house or the responsibility is fully left to the tenant.

6. Pay attention to your personal lifestyle

A person’s lifestyle varies, depending on the type of work. For those of you who work as business people, you should choose a house located in an industrial location or office.
Whereas you who work as a socialite, a house close to shopping centers, cafes, bars and hospitality is considered more suitable.

7. Pay attention to how to pay for the house

There are two home payment methods, namely cash or installments. If your financial condition is limited, the installment method is the best. But, pay attention to the percentage of DP paid, the interest rate, the period of installments and late payment penalties.
Correct the financial condition carefully so that you do not choose the wrong installments. Do not let the installments stop in the 2nd or 3rd year and so on if you do not want the house to be withdrawn by the developer concerned.