How to Keep Your Office Desk Organised and Tidy

How to Keep Your Office Desk Organised and Tidy

The office is their second home for most people, as they spend at least 8 hours daily. They work behind the same desk and type on the same keyboard daily. You might be surprised at the amount of dirt gathered on your computer components. Therefore, keeping your desk clean and organised is critical to good health.

А neat workspace can significantly increase your productivity and concentration and helps to find what you need. After cleaning out a cluttered desk, you can work more efficiently. Time and discipline are all you need, as well as a system for keeping everything in its proper place.

Clean Your Office Desk

Cleaning your office desk at least once a week is an excellent idea. For example, you can do this every Monday morning and be ready for the week. However, motivating your colleagues to do the same would be better. As a result, there will be a noticeable difference in the cleanliness of the whole office.

Schedule your cleaning to be consistent and organised. Before starting to clean your desk, be sure that you removed everything. Throw away all items you don’t need. Removing unnecessary belongings from your office desk can also declutter your mind. 

Check your desk for items that are no longer needed, such as old paperwork, outdated calendars, sticky notes, etc. Everything on your desk must be accessible to prevent distraction.

Feng Shui: Arrange Your Desk

In China, there is an ancient practice dedicated to rearranging everyday objects. It is known as Feng Shui. According to Feng Shiu, decluttering and cleaning your house and workplace is helpful for your prosperity and success. So keep only the items that you need on your desk.

You should have three objects on your office desk to achieve optimal balance: a ceramic item, symbolising earth, to ensure stability; a green plant, representing wood, for growth; and a fluorite crystal, for peace of mind.

 Try this exciting tip for creating a balanced and organised workspace.

Don’t Eat at Your Desk

Avoid eating lunch at your desk. Although catching up on work and email during lunch may seem convenient, taking the food away from your desk is better. In addition, taking breaks from your computer screen will give you more time to relax, chat with colleagues, and tidy your desk.

Clean the Computer

While touching your keyboard or enjoying coffee as you check your emails, you’re most likely unaware of how many germs are accumulating on your devices.

You’d be surprised to find just how much bacteria can be found on your computer screen, mouse, and keyboard. So regular cleaning of these items is essential to a healthy work environment.

  • Computer screen – You can only see all the dust when you turn off the computer screen, so do this first. Use a microfiber cloth to remove fingerprints, wiping them away in a circle. You should avoid pressing too hard on the screen to prevent damage. Avoid spraying cleaning products directly on the monitor. First, gently apply the substance to a paper towel and wipe the monitor.
  • Keyboard – Unplug your keyboard from your PC first. If it has loose crumbs or dirt, turn it upside down to clear them without shaking it. Pick a sticky note and slide the sticky edges between the keys. Repeat the process using a fresh sticker.

The most effective way to remove dirt from the keyboard is to use a microfiber cloth and disinfectant wipes.

  • Computer Mouse – Clean the mouse with an antibacterial wipe. Ensure the wipe is not overly damp to prevent water from getting into small spaces.

Keeping Your Workplace Clean: Habits You Should Adopt Today

Once you have cleaned your desk, consider how to keep it spotless. Here are some habits that will help you:

  • Place a trash can within easy reach;
  • Clean your desk regularly;
  • Create a cleaning checklist;
  • Avoid eating at your desk;
  • Organise your drawers;
  • Stop storing supplies;
  • Throw the trash out immediately;

The Benefits of a Tidy Office Desk

Professional cleaners advise you to organise and tidy your desk regularly. A clean workplace is more than just a shiny, clean building. The workplace environment affects employee satisfaction, productivity, and performance. Keeping a clean workplace has several benefits no matter what industry you work in:

  • Healthy and safe working conditions for employees;
  • Boosts employee productivity;
  • Make the workplace less stressful;
  • Enhances the company’s reputation.

Having a clean work environment is essential for your physical and mental health. Office cleaning could be considered a team event that may result in better employee relationships. It would improve employee morale, and the office would be a happier and healthier place to work in.

Regular cleaning and sanitising of your office desk reduces the amount of germs that cause disease. You are more likely to miss work due to illness, and a messy desk can contribute to this problem. It would be easier to wipe down and disinfect a clutter-free workspace periodically.

Besides physical health, a well-maintained office desk can also have a positive impact on your mental health. A clean workspace not only makes you feel better because you will be more efficient, but it also reduces your stress.

According to studies, people with cleaner desks are more productive. In addition, if you declutter and clean your workspace regularly, you find what you need quickly and focus on essential tasks. So, no clutter – no distraction. 


  • Set aside time daily to tidy your office desk and remove clutter or mess. Doing this will allow you to keep things in order before it becomes overwhelming.
  • Keeping the computer screen, keyboard, and mouse clean is extremely important.
  • A clean and decluttered workspace increases productivity, makes you focus on your tasks, and avoids distractions.
  • Investing in quality storage solutions such as desk organisers can help you store items out of the way, freeing up valuable space on your desk.
  • Each evening, take a few minutes to clear your desk off and put away any documents or other items accumulated during the day. It helps minimise clutter from building up over time and provides a fresh start each morning when you return to work. 

By incorporating these habits into your daily work routine, you can achieve an organised, clean office environment contributing to productive work days!